A New Study Says Millennials Aren’t Into Boobs Anymore, But the Men On The Internet Strongly Disagree

Ladies, I have some very sad news for you. There is a brand new super important study that will probably change your entire life. I know recently it was reported that boobs are back, but it was all a FALSE ALARM. A new study suggests theyโ€™re not. At least, not in the eyes of millennial men.


Millennial men donโ€™t like boobs. They eat gluten free bread, shamelessly wear man buns and now, they also cower at the sight of boobs.


PornHub, the experts here, has been examining the โ€œviewing habits of most young malesโ€ and has found that males 18-24 are โ€œ20 % less likely to search for breast-related content than males in older generations.โ€

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